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Finding the love of your life doesn’t have to be hard.

We will explore how to master the issues that we deal with on a consistent basis that keep us from not only finding the one, but being the one!

We will be in a safe, intimate setting so you can feel free to fully express your thoughts and feelings. Using fun ways (which Superhero/Super-heroine are you? What’s you Relationship Super Power?) to access the hard stuff. Valid, proven techniques that WORK to unlock where you’ve been stuck in allowing the best relationships of your life to show up.

Each of us has a unique set of beliefs and ideas about what the best relationships look like to us. In this Workshop/Playshop we will use specific practices and methods together, to bring to the forefront your beliefs and ideas (including those ideas about what you think you need vs. what you really need) that may in fact not be true for you TODAY and are the real cause of what keeps you from being happy every day regardless of your relationship status.

You will leave with a “Love Toolbox” full of dramatic new insights, you’ll have “Ah Ha!” moments that really make a difference, and new practices for you to easily and consistently implement to keep your “new found self” open to receive all that you deserve. 

“Gray and Linda have an amazing love story and I asked them all about it. Together we uncovered some interesting lessons and shared some powerful insights~ so if you’re interested in finding more love in your life, attracting THE ONE, finding your “soulmate” or you’re feeling down in the dumps, check this out and you’re guaranteed to feel better in no time.” – Katie Kozlowski,  Loving To Be Me Roundtable


James provides succinct responses to your questions with a deep, strong sense of compassion and love. He knows how to look into your spirit to see beyond your own confusion and self judgment. James is able to see the real you when one is in self judgment.  James sends support and loving energy allowing an individual to count on their own inner teacher to awaken and be the guiding light.

“Linda is someone who has her finger on the pulse when it comes to relationships. She can scope out a potential partner and set the deal. She is highly intuitive and listens to what people want and need. That’s my go to girl. “

Thank you James Robinson for an amazing class, I feel unstoppable, it’s like I know what I need to do and how. I can’t wait to join again another class, the way you deliver your message is so different from other’s seminars I have been because you are so direct, packed with information from minute one, and I love all the tools that I now own forever and I can easily use on my everyday life.

“James has a kind and generous spirit that is quite comforting in tough times. I have seen the healing his loving support and presence has provided to someone near and dear to me.”

“I completely Trust Linda and her professional understanding of relationships. Her work is very inspiring!”

“Linda and James – WOW – a true match of Divine Energy!”

“I am a Relationship Mentor and teach relationship workshops. People come to me. Most importantly, I’m still involved in my own relationships and sometimes need a complimentary or higher perspective on both something I teach, and something I personally experience. James has been my “go to” sounding board, voice of reason and wisdom for almost 10 years now. I go to him when I need someone to REALLY listen, hold a sensitive space and sometimes throw a few more ‘tools’ in my toolbox.” Deborah Lyn Ward

Baptism by fire…sometimes you have to go through all levels of relationship experiences to effectively teach how to move from what you don’t want to something extraordinary.  That said, James has Mastered relationships. James is an excellent coach, able to understand what you are going through and very powerfully and practically help you experience great changes in your life.

“Linda has over many many years provided me solid, loving and kind support over some very tough terrain. With quiet and calm she could hear me through my tears and ask me the tough questions. I will be forever grateful for her presence in my life.”

“Linda G. Just cuts right through the b.s. and reveals the heart of the matter in a way that allows you to see it, 100%.”

“Top of my head and from the heart… Wise, witty, and fun! A real been there done it kind of girl, just look at her now! I’d trust her with my soul.”

“Linda has an amazing gift with words and always seems to have the right ones to inspire …”

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The Three C’s of Relationships: Communication, Compromise and Compassion. We discuss how people need to compromise to have healthy relationships. Many people have to be right which hurts relationships. When you have confidence and self-love, you can compromise and have a great relationship. Guests asked great questions on how to have a meaningful relationship. Sometimes love is not enough. Emotional maturity is required.

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Free Loveshop RegistrationWhile the rest of the world has moved into the 21st century, offering matchmaking websites, hook-up apps for your electronic devices, online and speed dating, we believe in taking a step back in time and using the old fashioned methods of round the table talks with couples and getting the passion flowing by getting them together in person.

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