Meet the Linda & Gray

“Linda and Gray form quite the duo: their dynamic complementarity creates a balanced, secure space that encourages unthreatened yet profound self-exploration. She disarmingly flits around like a happy hummingbird, unearthing unknown nuggets of self; he has a quiet, mountain-like serenity and solidity that underpins both his thoughtful, measured assessments and also her insightful yet more wide-ranging musings.”

-Conrad Daly

Gray Robinson

Gray Robinson

Gray is famous for his Southern charm, sense of humor and wowing audiences with proven techniques, ancient wisdom and palpable healing energy. He is a successful speaker, award winning writer, radio talk show host, muse, personal and business consultant. He has been published in national medical and legal journals and is a regular contributor to internet magazines. Gray understands the deep torment and trauma people sometimes have to face and knows how to get a smile back on their lips and bounce back in their steps.

A divorce attorney for over twenty years, Gray has a unique inside understanding of what ruins relationships and what it takes to have a successful romantic relationship. He brings his rare blend of wisdom, humor, experience and consciousness to solve any problem–physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. His vast experiences (mistakes) help people through both thick and thin. More than just “talk”, he consistently brings his broad knowledge base to his clients that include easy-to-learn tools and perspective changing ideas that leave people inspired and transformed.

For over 40 years, Gray has been a trusted international business and individual advisor and counselor, as well as a recognized expert in spirituality, committed to educating others about the true nature of reality and helping them break through their illusions to become healthier, happier and more prosperous.

An active philanthropist, he’s dedicated to service and a champion of corporate consciousness, traveling the world to teach and advance humanitarian endeavors. Always empowering, always engaging, he has a passion for inspiring He is an avid writer with equal parts intellect, compassion and creativity. Every morning he jumps out of bed with a smile on his face because he knows he will help someone improve their life by simply being himself.

Linda Giangreco

Linda Giangreco

Linda Giangreco is a Joyful Change Agent, a bit of a Boat Rocker, Muse, Mother, Certified Minister and Lover of all things beautiful, fun and nourishing for Soul!

Her professional business expertise and success cuts a wide swath; Public Speaker, Author, Costume Designer for T.V. and Film, International Business Management Consultant, Corporate Trainer for Effective Communication, award winning Cook, Certified Minister (someone has to perform the weddings!) and past Owner/Designer of Sacred Stones Jewelry, where a portion of the net proceeds from each purchase were contributed to support the education, health and welfare of orphans across the globe.

Linda considers herself an eclectic entrepreneur who’s focus is on Conscious Contribution AKA the “Generosity Model” and a true lover of people and love itself. How that manifests is in fostering partnerships with Women and Men in the tangible realization of their most soulful dreams, and knows that if she and those around her haven’t laughed today, life hasn’t been fully lived.

She is a sought after Matchmaker who has experienced all that relationships can bring, both good and bad, so you don’t have to. Linda has a personal commitment that you will garner on-the-ground wisdom in every interaction that you have with her and always walk away knowing you are understood, worthy and loved.