Love Wine? Love the West Coast? Love to find the love of your life?    (Dates TBD.)

Here is the opportunity to combine all of the above with the most amazing experience that you’ve ever had. Most people on this cruise are only looking for the best bottle of wine. Why not have both? You can get the best bottles of wine AND create the Best relationship of your life here with us.

When you think of wineries outside of Europe, there’s a good chance you think about Napa Valley. But Napa’s not the only place to taste amazing wine. Today, many parts of California, Oregon, Washington, and Canada boast outstanding vineyards. If you’re looking to explore some of the renowned wineries on the west coast, it’s time to join our SoulSpark Cruise Experience!

Your package will include a week long SoulSpark immersion that will be planned around your cruise itinerary so you won’t miss a thing. In fact you’ll have the BEST of both worlds.

  • We will work with you to expand your knowledge of yourself, what you say you want and teach you how to create the best relationship of your life using a variety of impactful, practical and fun practices.
  • You will garner a rich base of knowledge of how you have been in relationships that haven’t worked and uncover the magic that you’ve yet to see (that you’ve always had), that will call the best relationship of your life to you.
  • All of this wrapped up in lively interactions with the opportunity to use what you’ve learned, while your onboard and stateside! The Wine Regions

When you plan a cruise along the Pacific Coast you’ll be able to learn and taste on the water as well as on land. Onboard you’ll have the opportunity to taste wines and participate in activities tailored to wine enthusiasts. Maitre D’s, who are themselves oenophiles, will be available to explain more about the wines and help you pick your favorites.

  • Santa Barbara is home to masterful vintners and beautiful vistas.
  • Enjoy wine tastings in Santa Ynez Valley and experiences such as picnicking in the vineyards.
  • From the port of San Francisco, you can visit two world-renowned wine regions: Napa and Sonoma.
  • Or stay in San Francisco to learn about the city’s wine history and taste the local fare.
  • If you spend some time in the Oregon city of Astoria, you can take a drive to Willamette Valley and explore the wineries famous for their pinot noir, or take a trip to The Cellar on 10th, a wine shop which specializes in Pacific Northwest wines.
  • From the cruise port in Seattle, you can visit Woodinville, which has over 117 tasting rooms and wineries for you to enjoy.
  • In Victoria, BC, you can take a trip to the Butchart Gardens, then enjoy delicious wine paired with tapas and chocolates at the Blue Poppy Restaurant
  • From Vancouver, BC, you can head to Fraser Valley, which is home to almost 30 vineyards and around 15 wineries.
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